Friday, April 13, 2012

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer: How can you resist with a title like that?

Hardcover, 343 pages
Henry Holt and Co., October 12, 2010

Sam leads a pretty normal life. He may not have the most exciting job in the world, but he’s doing all right—until a fast food prank brings him to the attention of Douglas, a creepy guy with an intense violent streak.
Turns out Douglas is a necromancer who raises the dead for cash and sees potential in Sam. Then Sam discovers he’s a necromancer too, but with strangely latent powers. And his worst nightmare wants to join forces . . . or else.  
With only a week to figure things out, Sam needs all the help he can get. Luckily he lives in Seattle, which has nearly as many paranormal types as it does coffee places. But even with newfound friends, will Sam be able to save his skin?
Sam is an unsuspecting fast-food burger boy suddenly thrust into the throws of a madman to unearth who he really is. Along with his buddy Ramon, his headless co-worker, Brooke, and a weregirl, Sam has to decide what he's really made of. 

This was a witty and entertaining read with a side of suspense and mystery. Similar to Riordan's sarcastic style, McBride sets the tone for a wickedly funny tale that is also creepy and scary. For someone like me who is a "fraidy cat," McBride gives you just enough details at the 'scary scenes' to let your imagination take over without layering on the gory details.

I only wished that:
*I could have seen more of Sam's powers develop: I guess we'll find out in the sequel.)
*The scene with the weregirl and Sam spoiler (having sexwas just a little odd--even though it made sense in the werewolf context but still just a bit disturbing.
*I could see more of a spoiler (a resolution between the weregirl and Sam).
*A few lines of humor were not funny.

Overall, the story had both the humor and plot to match. Definitely a FUN read if you're looking for a light funny horror story.

Content Advisory: Some suggestive material (a non descriptive sex scene) and rude humor.

Rated: 4 zombie bites.

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer is available in bookstores everywhere.

Necromancing the Stone (Book 2 in the Necromancer Series) is expected to be published September 18, 2012.

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