Monday, April 23, 2012

First Date: Is it me, or is this awkward?

By  Krista McGee
Paperback, 336 pages
Thomas Nelson Publishers, Jan 2012

ARG. I just wrote a redo review on this and it got lost. =(

Okay-let's just get to the point.

Liked the plot of the book. 100 girls trying to win a prom date with the President's son Jonathon. Yep, silly, cheesy. Great. Love it.

I didn't like that Abby felt like she had to make abrupt declaration of her religion to Kara. It was AWKWARD. I would have rather she eased into it with a "Hey do you go church?" instead of a dramatic "I need to tell you something.....I'm a Christian." Kara, her roommate, already guessed she was one. And was fine with that. But Abby made it into an awkward situation.

Also I didn't like the way Abby was telling the reader that nothing could happen between her and Jonathon if he wasn't a Christian. (I understand why she "said" that. I really do, but I didn't like that she said it. And she said it I believe twice (or more) in the book.) Jonathon sounded like a good person. He wasn't all about the attention of the media and was a good family person as well and didn't show any bad morals. Are you really telling the world that Christians cannot date or marry non Christians? Who is to say later they wouldn't even convert to Christianity instead? Plus the person might be offended that you wouldn't give them a chance even if they were a GOOD person just because of religion...and that could just make them not like Christians because of what you just said.

I also thought the spoiler (intelligence questioning/mud game was...silly, to put it nicely.)

Anyway-liked the book, and I love sharing the gospel, where and when appropriate, but disliked those issues above. [ intelligence questioning/mud game was...silly, to put it nicely.  (hide spoiler)]

Rating: 3 Zombie Bites. It did entertain.
I received this book free from net-galley. I am not paid for this review. It's my opinion.

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