Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spoilers for the Maze Runner

Dear Robot,

Let me just add my review. It may shed some light on the matter. Or not.


First 100 pages: I have no idea what is going on. Apparently, neither does the main character Tom. And apparently, neither the author or the other characters in the story want to tell us what's happening or where Tom has found himself. (I get the whole 'let's leave the reader in suspense' bit but really, the whole book?)

Also, the made-up slang/swear words are just distracting and basically annoying and really don't add much to the dialogue.

Next 200 pages: Okay, some interesting stuff starts to happen: Tom gets locked out in the maze, a mysterious girls shows up, Tom accesses his old memories to solve the riddle of the maze. Issues I have: Why add a girl to the plot when she doesn't really have a strong purpose to the story except the fact that Tom really likes her? Also, telling me that all these guys are really smart is not convincing unless you show me that they are really smart.

Last 100 and so pages: When will it ever end? Let's finish this already. Not a surprise, we find that Tom and company have been put into an experiment chamber in order for the creators to discover which factors/people will help them solve the destruction of the earth. Now, here's the biggest problem that I have with this plot: The boys are supposedly really smart; well, if they were so smart then why couldn't they have solved the maze themselves; why did Tom have to access his 'old memories' in order to solve the riddle. Not very convincing of their intelligence. Also, why did they have to have their memories wiped? What purpose did that have to the story other than mystery?

Basically, I'm just glad it's over. And I can think of plenty of other similar scenarios/books that deliver a much more convincing "POW!" at the end; I'm thinking Hunger Games, Incarceron, Ender's Game...Try those instead.

Hope that helps.

Love, Pricky

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